Hygienic Countertops for Kitchen 

Our house is our sanctuary. The heart of our house is our kitchen. Aside from cooking meals, it’s a place where friends and family gather together. Because of this, you want your kitchen to be one of the cleanest areas in your house.  

Fortunately, you can make your kitchen a lot easier to clean with the right materials. If you’re planning to have a Kitchen Remodeling Newport Beach, keep these things in mind: 

Granite Countertops 

Granite is a well-known surface for a natural stone countertop. It is natural. A high-quality granite countertop is composed of the best grade naturally occurring material. Just like marble, granite needs to be sealed to lower porousness. Expert sealing does more than maintain the natural beauty of granite. It also helps stop the accumulation of germs and harmful bacteria. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use harsh bleach or chemical cleaners to clean your granite countertops. 

Laminate Countertop 

Wilsonart and Formica are a couple of laminate manufacturers who keep on being the authority when it comes to high-quality laminate countertops. These countertops have come a long way. Now, they provide an elegant appearance at a cost-effective price. Today, there are a lot of high-quality laminates that are antimicrobial. In addition to that, they can copy almost any appearance you desire, from wood to natural stone.  

Though laminate countertops are extremely durable, you still have to prevent excess damage to the surface if possible. Also, you’ve got to keep the seams in mind. Mild household cleaners or a combination of soapy water and a cotton cloth will handle day-to-day cleaners. But, the countertop might swell if excessive amounts of water are left on it. This is particularly true near any seams. This will produce more chances for mold, fungus, or bacteria to thrive.  

Solid Surface Countertops 

Today, manufacturers blend natural minerals with pure acrylic resin to develop Corian. It is a grout-free kitchen countertop option. That is why it is extremely easy to maintain and clean. It is simply the dream of any homeowner. This type of countertop is stain-resistant and non-porous. All you’ve got to do to clean it is to use warm, soapy water and soft, cotton cloth. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t utilize harsh chemical cleaners on Corian. The reason for this is that it can damage the solid surface counters. You shouldn’t also utilize window cleaners. This can leave a waxy build-up on the surface. Solid surface countertops are popular because they are blade and heat resistant, repairable, and extremely-durable. 

Quartz Countertops 

One of the most hygienic and durable countertop surfaces is quartz. It is made from a combination of resin and polymers together holding natural minerals. Because of this, this type of countertop is non-porous. Thus, bacteria can’t hide anywhere if you’ve got quartz countertops. Aside from that, the day-to-day maintenance needed for a quartz countertop is extremely easy. You’ve got to do is to have a non-abrasive cleaning cloth with water and soap. 

So, if you’re planning on having a kitchen remodel, consider these countertops