Have you ever given a thought about the cabinet you have at home? Do you know that there are several types and that you can have quite a number of choices should you consider having another one? 

We use our cabinets to store different things and organize them. But cabinets aren’t only functional. They can make the kitchen or pantry look more beautiful. Here are different kinds of cabinets that you might want to be interested in. 


Floor Cabinets  

Although they are called floor cabinets, they are actually situated atop a 4-inch levator. As a standard, they are usually measured at 24” X 36”. They can compose of one 2 to 3 big cabinets or several small ones. The drawers can be deep or shallow. This type can also be constructed with a special type of cabinet. 

Top Cabinets  

As the name suggests, this type is the cabinet you will find attached to your walls. They can be considered as wall cabinets or the extra ones above them. They create more storage space and allow for more organization and down below. Now, you might be thinking, “Wouldn’t that be too much?” Actually no, especially if you live in a small apartment. You will have more floor space. Store items that you don’t use on a daily basis in the top cabinets. These cabinets measure at 12” x 18” as a standard. 

Standing Cabinets 

These types can function as your pantry. Because they are tall, they can also function as a storage for long items such as cleaning tools e.g. vacuum cleaner hose, broom, etc. As a standard, they measure 84” but you can have custom made ones that can almost if not reach the ceiling.  

Corner Organizers 

Have you ever felt that corner cabinets don’t give you that much ease in use? Well, that’s because they aren’t constructed or designed efficiently. But if they are, they can be more than efficient in giving storage and space. And, they can definitely make the kitchen more organized. For example, rotating and spinning drawers can be installed. 

Unique Cupboards  

Personalize your kitchen by incorporating unique cabinets that function as garbage drawer (the one with a hole on top), wine rack, or for other storage. The sky is actually the limit. You can have just about anything that can make working in the kitchen easier and have it made. Not only will you be efficient, but you’ll be organized as well.  

Island Cabinets 

Not all kitchens have islands. But if you do, make the most of it by having a cabinet and a few drawers. This will give you both the preparation area, and storage space. Now that’s efficient. If you have a big kitchen island, then good for you. You’ll have more of each. You can also surround the three sides with stools so your visitors can socialize with you while you are preparing. 

If you have questions and inquiries about the different cabinet types and services, cabinet for kitchen in Yonkers can give you a hand.