From your own home, to vast offices and airports, carpets provide a soft and textile surface to flooring which allows for very modern and unique patterns which will provide a vibrant or streamlined floor for the space. Yet these cloth or fiber-based floorings require proper care and maintenance in order to maintain their luster and their hygienic deployment. From spills, stains, molds, or potential rips and tears, multiple factors can cause permanent damage to your carpet.  Below are ways to properly take care and maintain your carpet: 

  • Be quick to respond to spills and stains – As stains are very volatile as they just occur, allowing a stain or spill to remain and dry up would make removing it difficult and may require even more effort than initially required if the stain is removed immediately. 
  • Gradually attempt to clean off liquid stains – use water and detergent gradually until the stain is removed, this avoids the chance of accidentally over-doing the use of detergent and remove the dye itself. As gradually removing the stain fully takes effect, a great way of further ensuring total removal is after wetting the stain, vacuum the spot with the highest suction setting back and forth while adding water to fully remove the stain. 
  • Food and other solid stains require gentle removal – as food and other solids can stick to the carpet’s surface, removing them should be done with a spoon or knife only attempting to scrape as much of it off the surface before treating the rest of the stain as a liquid stain. Add water and blot if needed to fully remove the solid stain. 
  • Proper use of hydrogen peroxide – In some of the rare cases that stains cannot be removed with water and detergent, moistening tufts with approximately 3% hydrogen peroxide and letting it stand for about an hour repeatedly until the stain is completely gone. 
  • Simple repeated vacuuming can go a long way – regular vacuuming can prevent soil, and other debris from further being embedded into the carpet’s fibers. 
  • Do not pull loose sprouts and snags – proper removal of loose fibers of the carpet further increases its longevity. Avoid pulling on loose snags or sprouts as not only could they further affect other undamaged fibers, but also create an empty or missing pattern on the carpet’s surface. 
  • Proper placement of furniture and surface care for furniture – Heavy furniture can deform, compress, or warp the carpet surface. These can be remedied by stroking the surface with a coin, or using a hairdryer and steam iron being careful of not burning the surface of the carpet. 
  • Consult professional carpet maintenance regularly and for extensive damage – for pathways, or damage which common remedies can no longer take care of, professional cleaning every year or so should be considered in order to keep the carpet from becoming irreparable. 

With the many considerations in keeping your carpet well kept, and maintained, getting professional Yonkers carpet cleaning services would not only provide quality work done for your carpet, but may also provide you with proper pointers in maintaining your particular carpet and prescribe the proper cleaning utensils for the job.